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● Laurentiu Paicu ● Founder

PhD. Architect and Designer, CEO


Laurentiu Paicu has founded LΛVRENTIV PΛICV - Architecture & Design in 2016. He has collaborated with countless other worldwide architecture studios, designers and artists, achieving a great stature of skills in all matters of architecture and design. Laurentiu has been specialized in avant-garde architecture, high-luxury contemporary designs, as well as in the parametric and organic field of architecture and design. Concepting complex and innovative shapes that generate beauty through design, functionality and integration with its surroundings and landscape


Laurentiu is studying his PhD. and teaching Architecture Design at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, in Bucharest. Prior to this Laurentiu has graduated Class Valedictorian • Magna Cum Laude • and his Masters Degree at the Faculty of Architecture Ion Mincu, Bucharest, and the Faculty of Architecture, Oradea, in 2016. Before graduating Class Valedictorian , from the College of Art and Architecture, Sigismund Toduta in Deva, in 2009.


The interior design service is a service provided by our group of professionals with complex and complementary skills to ensure a successful project in all aspects: design, functionality and technicality. Our talented team of architects, interior designers, artists and engineers work with great professionalism and sensitivity to create the ideal interior design for our customers. From classic to art-deco, to baroque, to minimalist-contemporary, to avant-garde and many others, our teams are specialized in all styles, guaranteeing to deliver the perfect project.

☑ Architecture

We at our Studio, with the help of our amazing team of talented Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers, thrive to achieve the Perfect Project for our clients. We deliver and complete any project no matter of complexity, functionality or size. From the very first stages of Surveying, Architectural Memos, Authorizations, Urban Planning, Technical and Structural Plans, Site Surveillance and Landscape Design, to the finals stages of Interior Design and Detail Finishes. We at LΛVRENTIV PΛICV - Architecture & Design, believe that every client is unique in his own way and so should every new project designed by us, reflecting his or her needs in every way possible, through beautiful design and perfect functionality.

☑ Product & Object design

Through product design we offer our customers the service of designing and creating new and innovative furniture products, lighting fixtures or any other customized and specific interior design elements. Our customers are direct beneficiaries who want unique products that are adapted to a particular space or are companies that make serial products and who are looking for original object of product designs. Through this service, after the aesthetic and functional requirements are established, product proposals are made in terms of design, technicality, functionality, sketches and execution drawings.

☑ Logo & Branding Design

A Logo design signifies the image and the story you wish to portray in a symbol to represent you and your company. The Logo is the essence and the eyes of that company. That is why we at LΛVRENTIV PΛICV - Architecture & Design, focus on creating the perfect Logo for our clients so they can express the quality of their work to the rest of the world, through their very own personalized and unique symbol. The Logo and the Branding stages are the most important fazes in starting a new company or giving an old one a much needed face-lift. Our amazing team of architects and graphic designers will guarantee that your company and your brand, will have, at the end of the day, the Perfect Logo so you can begin the climbing the ladder to success of your company.

☑ Creative Directing & Editorial Photography

We here at LΛVRENTIV PΛICV - Architecture & Design, are specialized in every type of artistic expression, including photography. Our team of amazing Creative Directors and Photographers have the perfect experience to create some of the best editorial and artistic photographs. Either being classic or avant-garde, portrait, group of architectural, or team of Professional Photographers are more than qualified to produce any image for any purpose.

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