Nautical Museum

NAUTICAL MUSEUM – ON THE PIER OF CONSTANTA, ROMANIA The Constanta Nautical Museum project, was the well known and appreciated diploma and bachelor’s degree project of Architect Laurentiu Paicu. The project proposed a complete rehabilitation of the old pier in the naval city of Constanta, Romania, by proposing a complete landscape conversion of the entire…

Residential Complex




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Monarchical Complex




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Genesis Pavilion

GENESIS PAVILION The Genesis Pavilion was a concept design project meant to regenerate and influence the importance of a city square by repopulating it through a major architectural attraction. The Pavilion structure is placed in the dominant area of the square, covering most of the open and wasted space. The design of the Pavilion permits…

Trinity Towers

TRINITY TOWERS – BUSINESS CENTER The Trinity Towers was a project proposed for the city of Oradea in Romania, to create a business center and an apartment complex, designed by Architect Laurnetiu Paicu, on the river side of the Crisul river. The proposal featured 3 pillar towers standing in a hierarchy formation, each gradually waving…

Catholic Church

CATHOLIC CHURCH INTERIOR The project was meant as a continuation and evolution of the existing building by Architect Tadao Ando, the Church of Light. Architect Laurentiu Paicu has designed a biological parametric structure spreading through out the ceiling, starting incredibly violent and gradually decreasing in strength, till completely calm and peaceful once it reaches the…

Pride Opera

PRIDE OPERA – OPERA HOUSE • We, at LΛVRENTIV PΛICV – Architecture & Design had the opportunity to create a fantastic symbol that will express architectural value and importance, and become a beacon of culture and an incredible landmark for tourism and culturally-civic events. The Opera and Concert Hall building that was designed by Architect…

Cathedral Installation

gOTHIC CATHEDRAL INSTALLATION This project was a fantastic method of experimenting with the brilliance of how modern avant-garde architecture can improve any space, including something as difficult as the interior of an historic Gothic Cathedral. The main concept of the project was to amplify through shape and flow and marking the main intersection of the…

Aerin Garden

Aerin Garden



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